Create Presence Feed

Creates a new stream capturing online status changes ("presence feed") for the company (pod) and returns the ID of the new feed. The feed will return the presence of users whose presence status has changed since it was last read.
Starting with SBE 24.1, the API is deprecated
Create Presence status feed.

Create a new stream capturing presence status changes ("presence feed"). When read from, the feed will return the current presence status of company (pod) users if it has changed since the last read.

Returns the ID of the presence feed to be used in subsequent read operations.

Session authentication token.
200: OK
400: Bad Request
Client error, see response body for further details.
401: Unauthorized
Unauthorized: Invalid session token.
403: Forbidden
Forbidden: Caller lacks necessary entitlement.
500: Internal Server Error
Server error, see response body for further details.
When calling this as an OBO-enabled endpoint, use the OBO User Authenticate token for sessionToken.
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