Key Manager Authenticate (Cert)

Authenticates the API caller on the key manager using the client certificate provided in the TLS session, returning a key manager token.

❗️ Key Manager Token Management

The token you receive is valid for the lifetime of a session that is defined by your pod's administration team. This ranges from 1 hour to 2 weeks.

You should keep using the same token until you receive a HTTP 401, at which you should re-authenticate and get a new token for a new session.

Datafeeds survive session expiration, you do not need to re-create your datafeed if your session expires.


Before calling the Pod endpoints, the caller must be authenticated with the pod (the dedicated Symphony cloud service) by calling the Session Authenticate endpoint, followed by this one.

To call the Key Manager Authenticate endpoint, you must provide a certificate where the Common Name of the certificate matches the username of an active Service User account on your pod.

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