Session Authenticate

Authenticates the API caller on the Symphony servers (pod) using a JWT.

❗️ Session Token Management

The token you receive is valid for the lifetime of a session that is defined by your pod's administration team. This ranges from 1 hour to 2 weeks.

You should keep using the same token until you receive a HTTP 401, at which you should re-authenticate and get a new token for a new session.

Datafeeds survive session expiration, you do not need to re-create your datafeed if your session expires.

🚧 Important

  • The following restrictions apply:

    • The JWT must have an expiration date between the current time and five minutes from the current time.

    • The JWT must be signed by a private key matching the public key saved for its subject ("sub").

  • For more information on creating and using an RSA session token, refer to RSA Bot Authentication Workflow.

Note that the Session Authenticate endpoint may return an authorizationToken (short lived access token built from a user session) in addition to the session token. Please note this has been introduced as beta and should not be used until further notice; please continue using the returned "token" instead.

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