Blast Message

Posts a message to multiple existing streams.
Available on Agent 2.62.0 and above. Starting with Agent 23.6, this endpoint is OBO-enabled.
Post a message to multiple existing streams.

Post a new message to the given list of streams. The stream can be a chatroom, an IM or a multiparty IM.

You may include an attachment on the message.

The message can be provided as MessageMLV2 or PresentationML. Both formats support Freemarker templates.

The optional parameter "data" can be used to provide a JSON payload containing entity data. If the message contains explicit references to entity data (in "data-entity-id" element attributes), this parameter is required.

If the message is in MessageML and fails schema validation a client error results

This endpoint is idempotent, it means that a 200 response will be returned even if the message has not been delivered to some streams. Check the errors map from the response in order to see on which stream(s) the message has not been delivered.

The maximum number of streams where the message can be sent is limitted to 100.

Regarding authentication, you must either use the sessionToken which was created for delegated app access or both the sessionToken and keyManagerToken together.

Authorization token used to make delegated calls.
Key Manager authentication token.
"sids": [
"message": "string",
"data": "string",
"version": "string",
"attachment": "string",
"preview": "string"
200: OK
Blast message sent.
400: Bad Request
Client error, see response body for further details.
401: Unauthorized
Unauthorized: Session tokens invalid.
403: Forbidden
Forbidden: Caller lacks necessary entitlement.
451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
Compliance Issues found in message or file
500: Internal Server Error
Server error, see response body for further details.
Blast Message enables you to post a new message to a given list of streams (each stream can either be a chatroom, an IM or a multiparty IM). It also includes all capabilities and limitations from Create Message V4 endpoint (i.e. using Symphony Elements, Apache FreeMarker Template, etc.) Please check Create Message V4 where you will find those capabilities and limitations
Please note that the blast message is not transactional, so you could have some failures sending some messages while others are successfully sent; for this reason, the service returns 200 OK even in case of error (i.e. there is an incorrect stream id within the list of sids provided). But in this case, each message failed is detailed.

🚧 Known Limitations

  • Considering performance purposes for encryption/decryption, the maximum number of stream Ids is set to 100. In case you want to send more messages, you will need to perform multiple requests to the endpoint.
  • See Create Message V4 for more information about other limitations
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