Message Status

Get the status of a particular message: sent, delivered, and read.
Get the read status of a particular message.
Message ID
Session authentication token.
200: OK
400: Bad Request
Client error, see response body for further details.
401: Unauthorized
Unauthorized: Invalid session token.
403: Forbidden
Forbidden: Caller lacks necessary entitlement.
404: Not Found
Not Found: Message ID does not exist.
500: Internal Server Error
Server error, see response body for further details.
The response indicates the status of the message for internal and external users:
  • sent: All users to whom the message has been sent and received by the Symphony system, but not yet delivered to any user's Symphony client.
  • delivered: All users who have at least one Symphony client to which the message has been delivered, and not read yet.
  • read: All users who have read that message, in any Symphony client.
  • For security reasons, the response excludes userName for external users.
  • If a message is suppressed, the sent array will never contain any users as the message would no longer be accessible to users who have not already seen it. If the message has been read or delivered prior to being suppressed, the relevant arrays are available.

📘 known exceptions

• If the user was on the stream when the message was sent and the stream had "viewHistory" (for rooms) enabled, he can get the message status. • If the user is a member of the stream, he can get the message status.
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