Update Message

Update an existing message.

Available on Agent 20.13.1+ with SBE 20.13.2+ in Beta. Starting with SBE 20.16, the feature is now in Controlled Availability. Starting with Agent 23.6, this endpoint is OBO-enabled.

  • For authentication, you must either use the sessionToken that was created for delegated application access, or both the sessionToken and keyManagerToken together.

📘 Controlled Availability

Message Update is currently released with Controlled Availability because of the following limitations:

  • This feature is not yet supported on Mobile, where updates are displayed as new messages instead of replacing the existing one.

  • The flag silent=false, that can be used to make an update be displayed as an unread message, is not fully supported yet.

Both limits will be lifted in a future release.

🚧 Permissions and guidelines

  • Entitlement canUpdateMessage is required.

  • Wall posts cannot be updated.

  • It is not possible to update messages sent by other users (except when using OBO with the proper permissions)

  • There is no time limit to update old messages, however we discourage updating very old messages as this won't provide a good user experience.

  • There is no limit of how many times a message can be updated, but we discourage updating it more than a 1000 times.

  • When used as a OBO endpoint, the end user must have the canUpdateMessage entitlement enabled, and the App must have the SEND_MESSAGES permission.

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