Get All Presence

Returns the presence of all users in a pod.
Get presence information about all company (pod) users.

The returned data is taken from the in-memory cache for performance reasons which means inactive users may be omitted from the response.

All non-inactive users WILL be returned and some inactive users MAY be included. Any omitted user IS inactive.

Returned records are sorted by user ID, ascending.

This method is expensive. It pulls ALL records from the cache, sorts them and then only uses a subset. For large numbers of users, this can be very inefficient both due to sorting and due to the cache being distributed across many nodes.

Addiionally, there is the potential to miss users if they become active after the page in which their user ID falls has already been read by the client. To avoid this situation, a presence feed should be created (and optionally read from) first to capture presence changes of users who get reactivated during a paged call to this endpoint.

Last user ID retrieved. Used for paging; if provided, results will skip users with IDs less than this parameter.
Max number of records to return. If no value is provided, 1000 is the default. The maximum supported value is 5000.
Session authentication token.
200: OK
400: Bad Request
Client error, see response body for further details.
401: Unauthorized
Unauthorized: Invalid session token.
403: Forbidden
Forbidden: Caller lacks necessary entitlement.
500: Internal Server Error
Server error, see response body for further details.
📘 All non-inactive users are returned and some inactive users may be included. Any omitted user is inactive.
🚧 Only users with the "User Provisioning" role can call this endpoint
When calling this as an OBO-enabled endpoint, use the OBO User Authenticate token for sessionToken.
For a list of the available presence statuses, please see the Get Presence
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