Stream Members

Returns a list of all the current members of a stream (IM or chatroom).

Note: visit Overview for an overview of streams.

🚧 Required Permissions

To get the stream membership of any stream in your enterprise, you should call this endpoint with a Service User account with the User Provisioning role. The Service User does not need to be a member of the stream.

See Bot Permissions for a list of roles and associated privileges.

📘 External users

If you call this endpoint with a user that has the User Provisioning role, you will get the email address for both internal and external users.

📘 Creation and Ownership

The isCreator field is relevant to IMs and chatrooms. For an IM, this is the person who initiated the first chat with the other user(s).

The isOwner field is relevant only to chatrooms. It denotes whether the user is an owner of the chatroom. While a room can only have one creator, it can have multiple owners.

📘 Join Date

The joinDate field is most relevant for chatrooms. It represents the time the user was added to the chatroom. If a user was added, removed, and then added back to the room, the joinDate reflects the most recent add date.

In the case of IMs and MIMs, the joinDate reflects the initiation date of the conversation. Every member will have the same joinDate.

📘 Note - Groups

Since 20.14, please note that the object addedThroughGroups has been added only for members added to the room via Groups.

See Groups for more information.

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