Update User

Updates an existing user.

Request Example

curl -X POST \
https://acme.symphony.com/pod/v1/admin/user/7215545078541/update \
-H "sessionToken: SESSION_TOKEN" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{   
    "accountType": "NORMAL",
    "firstName": "Jane",
    "lastName": "Doe",
    "username": "janedoe",
    "displayName": "Jane Doe",
    "companyName": "Symphony",
    "department": "",
    "division": "",
    "title": "Sales Manager",
    "workPhoneNumber": "",
    "mobilePhoneNumber": "",
    "twoFactorAuthPhone": "",
    "location": "San Francisco",
    "jobFunction": "Sales",
    "assetClasses": ["Commodities"],
    "industries": ["Basic Materials"],
    "marketCoverage": ["EMEA"],
    "responsibility": ["BAU"],
    "function": ["Trade Management"],
    "instrument": ["Securities"],
    "currentKey": {
        "key":"-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\nMIICIj...==\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----",

📘 Note - Suspension

Since 20.14, userSystemInfo from the payload includes suspension info:

  • if user is active, then the suspended attribute is set to false,

  • if user is suspended, then the suspended attribute is set to true and both suspendedUntil and suspensionReason are as well included in the payload.

Please note that even if the suspendedUntil date is in the past, the user will remain suspended=true until he first logs on the client after the suspension ended. The suspended info are then automatically updated. See the Suspend User Account endpoint for more information.

🚧 Required Permissions

Calling this endpoint requires the ACCESS_USER_PROVISIONING_API and ACCESS_ADMIN_API privileges. See Bot Permissions for a list of roles and associated privileges.

❗️ Known Issues

There is a known bug where the "Industries" and "Asset Classes" fields cannot be cleared once set. For example, if you set assetClasses on a user to [Conglomerates, Healthcare], you can update the user and set it to [Conglomerates], but you cannot update the user and clear it by setting it to [].

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