Create IM or MIM

Released prior to 1.43.
Creates a new single or multi-party instant message conversation or returns an existing IM or MIM between the specified users and the calling user.

  • The calling user is implicitly included as a member of the instant message conversation.
  • At least one other participant must be specified.
  • If a user ID appears in the list multiple times, duplicates will be ignored.
  • If there is an existing IM conversation with the specified participants, then the id of the existing stream will be returned.
  • Use Create IM or MIM non-inclusive to exclude the calling user.

When calling this as an OBO-enabled endpoint, use the OBO User Authenticate token for sessionToken.

A user needs to have the entitlement isExternalIMEnabled if he wants to create a crosspod IM/MIM (User entitlements are set on Admin Portal).

All external users must be connected with the caller before adding them.


Overview of streams

A stream is like a container for messages exchanged between two or more users via a given instant message (IM), multi-party instant message (MIM), or chat room. For more information, refer to Overview of streams.