Update Message

Available as a Beta version on Agent 20.13.1 and above (with SBE 20.13.2 and above).
Update an existing message.

  • For authentication, you must either use the sessionToken that was created for delegated application access, or both the sessionToken and keyManagerToken together.


Beta version

Considering the impact that this feature has on Symphony core messaging, and considering the limitations listed below, Message Update is currently released as a Beta version.
An issue could potentially require modifications to the API contract, modifications of how the feature behaves or its limitations, or even break some of the feature functionalities in specific scenarios.


Rules and Limitations

  • For the time being, this feature is not supported on Mobile, where updates will be displayed as new messages instead of replacing the existing one.
  • It is not possible to update a message that has an attachment, or to attach a file to a message through an update.
  • Wall posts cannot be updated.
  • Updates are received as read by users with no notification.
  • Only bots with the entitlement canUpdateMessages can update their messages. Entitlements can be updated in the Admin Portal.
  • It is not possible to update messages sent by other users.
  • There is no time limit to update old messages, however we discourage updating very old messages as this won't provide a good user experience.
  • There is no limit of how many times a message can be updated, but we discourage updating it more than a 1000 times.