Get Started with Java

Install Java Development Kit

Download and install a JDK of your choice from the following vendors. Java versions 8 through 12 are supported.


Install Maven

Download and install Maven from

Get Sample Projects

Path 1: Using the Symphony Bot Generator

The easiest way to bootstrap new projects is by using the Symphony Bot Generator. This requires NodeJS and 2 npm packages. If your organisation does not allow the installation of NodeJS, refer to Path 2.

Install NodeJS

Install Yeoman and Symphony Generator

  • Run the command: npm i -g yo generator-symphony
  • Verify the installation by running the command: yo
    • You should see Symphony in the generators list
    • Press CTRL+C / CMD+C to exit

Run Bot Generator

  • Run the command: yo symphony
  • Answer the questions as follows:


Bot Generator

What do you want to create? bot
What is the name of your project? my-bot-project (rename as desired)
What is your POD subdomain? my-company (provide your actual pod sub-domain)
What is your preferred programming language? Java
What is the BOT username? my-bot-username (rename as desired)
What is the BOT email address? [email protected] (rename as desired)
What is your preferred encryption technology? RSA - Generate New Keys
Which template do you want to start with? Request/Reply

Path 2: Clone Example Project from GitHub

This method only has the basic request-reply sample.

mkdir rsa
cd rsa
openssl genrsa -out rsa-mybot-private.pem 4096
openssl rsa -in rsa-mybot-private.pem -pubout -out rsa-mybot-public.pem

Create Service Account

  1. Go to your pod's Admin and Compliance Portal (https://[my-company]
  2. Create an Account > Service Account
  3. Fill in desired bot username and other details
  4. Paste in RSA public key from previous section
  5. Create

Fill Configuration File

  • If you've created the project using the bot generator, the config.json file should be more or less operational
    • If not, please review all items in the file and revise the values as appropriate
  • You will need to make these changes if your environment has the following:
    • an on-premise key manager (change keyAuthHost and keyAuthPort)
    • an on-premise API Agent (change agentHost and agentPort)
    • requirement for a proxy server to access the Internet (see next section)

Proxy Configuration

If you require proxy, add either proxyURL or podProxyURL to your config.json.

Proxy ConfigurationCloud API AgentOn-Premise API Agent


Additionally, if you are using a cloud key manager, add keyManagerProxyURL.

Proxy ConfigurationCloud Key Manager

Truststore Configuration

You will need to ship a custom truststore together with your bot if:

  • You are using on-premise Key Managers / API Agents that serve non-publicly trusted SSL certificates (e.g. internal root CA-signed certificates)
  • Your default JDK cacerts truststore does not already trust the GoDaddy/DigiCert root CA and intermediate certificates served on Symphony pods

The bot generator and sample project above both ship with a sample truststore that already contains the GoDaddy/DigiCert root CA and intermediary certificates served on Symphony pods. To add your own SSL certificates to the trust store:

  • Download all root and intermediate certificates in PEM format
  • For each certificate, run the command:
keytool -import -trustcacerts -keystore all_symphony_certs_truststore -storepass changeit -alias <your-cert-alias> -import -file <your-cert.pem>

Debug Project

Using IDE

Debug using standard Eclipse/IntelliJ Launch Configuration

Using Command Line

mvn install dependency:copy-dependencies
java -cp target/dependency/*:target/classes RequestReplyBot

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Get Started with Java

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