Overview of Extension Applications

If you have a web application that exposes data that Symphony users might find useful, you can embed your user interface within the Symphony platform by publishing an extension application (see Client Extension API).

Symphony users see their applications at the bottom of their left navigation panel. Applications with a "left-nav" component appear here:

Installation and Publication

Users can install applications that their pod admins have enabled for them. They can identify these applications on the Applications panel under Symphony Market. Admins can also install applications for users.

An application can be published for use as follows:

  • by your pod only
  • by your clients' pods only
  • by both your pod and your clients' pods

For your clients' pods, contact your Symphony representative for the next steps once you have a working product in your pod.

Developing an Extension Application

Use symphony-app (saap tool) allows you to create a Symphony Extension Application in Node.js and also to generate other application features, such as new services and modules. For more information, refer to Developing an Extension Application.

Deploying an Extension Application

Refer to Deploying an extension app to know more about the deployment of a Custom App and a Partner Built-In App.

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Overview of Extension Applications

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