Symphony API Clients

A Symphony API client, sometimes referred to as a bot client or just a bot, is a client application that interacts with Symphony. Symphony clients can be implemented using our Node.js, Java, and .NET SDK's or by accessing our REST API directly.

Clients based on our SDKs can be generated by using the Symphony bot generator to generate a basic bot client as a starting point, or you can download a basic bot client as described in these pages:

Bots have the same look and feel across the implementation languages and are built so you can focus on developing business logic. The main responsibilities of the clients are authentication, data feed management, and request binding.

After a basic bot client has been generated, configure it for your pod.


Important Updates

With the upgrade to Symphony v20.3, any bot or application that utilizes Elements requires that customers have the Agent upgraded to 2.57.x, and also to confirm the SDK used to build the bot or application supports the new Elements payload. The Symphony-supported SDK versions are:
ā€¢ Java SDK 1.1.1 or later
ā€¢ Python SDK 1.1.0 or later
ā€¢ NodeJS 1.1.1 or later
For customers who have developed their own SDK or have incorporated a third-party SDK, you must ensure that the SDK supports the modified JSON payload response. This is detailed in the Symphony API Specification located here

Updated 8 months ago

What's Next

All Symphony API Clients use the same configuration. Learn how to properly configure your bot.


Symphony API Clients

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