Overview of Symphony Elements

Symphony Elements lets you reuse our standard UX component libraries to create rich workflows for your bots, without having to worry about complicated code and UI design.

Send bot messages that contain interactive forms with pre-designed text fields, dropdown menus, person selectors, buttons and more. Interactive forms allow messages to evolve in response to actions by users.

Elements provides developers with out-of-the-box tools to easily create interactive bot messages that look and feel like they belong in Symphony.

Availability & known limitations

Symphony Elements Beta is only available on pods that have been updated to 1.55.3 and running an agent 2.55.9 or above.

Known limitations:

  • Symphony Elements cannot be sent cross-pod.
  • Mobile clients cannot interact with Symphony Elements.
  • Symphony Elements responses are not captured in Content Export.
  • A Bot needs to be in the Room, IM or MIM conversation to be able to read Elements form replies from users.
  • Symphony Elements datafeed payload: the payload structure is subject to change in the next version.

Note: These limitations are temporary – they may change in the future.

The Elements

Symphony Elements is a library of pre-designed reusable UX components (text fields, dropdown menus, person selectors, buttons and more). You can use the Elements to create forms that enable Symphony users to interact graphically with bot messages.

The Available Elements guide describes each UX component, how to use them, and provides examples.

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Overview of Symphony Elements

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