Compliance Group Types

The Compliance User Groups section contains APIs that you can use for creating and maintaining Compliance User Groups, Compliance Group Assignments , and Compliance Group Memberships.

Some of the APIs under the Compliance User Groups section have a body parameter called type which is responsible for selecting certain types of compliance groups, changing the API behavior and consequently, the returned data.

The following list shows the currently available compliance group types that can be passed to the type attribute:


The ROLE_SCOPE type uses groups of users to define the scopes of individual Super Compliance Officer or Compliance Officer, controlling what they can view and manage. A Scope is the range of accounts and conversations that a Super Compliance Officer or Compliance Officers are allowed to handle. The assignment of one or more compliance groups to an account creates a scope.

Compliance groups of type ROLE_SCOPE can only be used when creating/managing the scope of Super Compliance Officers or Compliance Officers. These compliance groups cannot be used for any other purposes.

Note: other types of compliance groups will be available in the future.

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